Parts are located in Augusta, GA
Updated 2 August 2018

NOTE: I took a temporary second job in December and it doesn't end until mid-May. I am very engaged and I haven't had much time to go look through the parts. BTW, the place I keep the cars and parts is not near where I live so I can't go there all the time. You can reach out to me, but realize, I will probably not answer until I actually go look and get pics of the part. I am more active on Facebook as I am able to take an occasional break at work and hop on.

I have since removed some parts that I sold/traded and have removed some items I needed and have aquired. See bottom of page for some new items.

Info about this page:

I have collected a lot of Vega/Monza and other H-body parts. I will update this list as I find parts and find time to post them.

Keep checking all sections as I will udpate as I remember stuff I need and find stuff I have.

My prices are high as I am more interested in trading that selling, so please look at my wanted list and if you have anything on there, I am willing to deal.

If you don't have anything to trade, and want something, please shoot me an offer. Again, my goal is to trade these parts for parts I need, but I will sell if I have to. I know my prices are high, but I do much better deals for trading. My goal is to have you find the parts I need and trade them with me. Although it may look like it, I am not in this to make money, I am just trying to get parts I need to finish my projects, but sometimes I stupidly take on another project. I have to stop!

I will ship! I am located in the Augusta, GA area. I travel occasionally so I can bring parts with me and you can meet me along the way. Here are my future trips: Silver Springs Maryland, October 2017, Silver Springs Maryland, January 2018, San Antonio Texas March 2018.

If I am slow to get back with you it is usually because of my job. I am away from home more than half the year.

Sorry for all that have been emailing me and I haven't got back with you. I killed the old email address because of spam and haven't used it in several months. I am setting up my own email server so I don't have to rely on my ISP. I hope to have an email address posted soon.

Here are Vega parts I need (updated frequently so keep checking):

T-50 five speed cross member

T-50 Five speed torque arm

7 1/2" rear with 2.93 gears (that ratio what came on the Vega equiped with the five speed transmission)

Exhaust bracket for T-50 transmission that mounts to the catalytic converter

71-72 Choke thermostat cover for 2BBL carburetor. No other years will work.

71 - 72 Carburetor choke linkage for 2BBL carburetor. Unique to these years.

Wagon rear glass with heater element (must be functional)

1974-1977 Kammback/Monza Wagon black rear panels with no holes cut in them exept for the right hand stock speaker.

Deluxe white door panels from any Vega. I have since traded my black Cosworth door panels, but have a lot of other items to trade.

74-77 Vega rear bumper with impact strip

74-77 Vega front bumper guards for bumper with impact strip

Pulse wiper controller, GM 471725 or 46124059 (don't need the switch)

75-76 Vega Intake manifold fitting for power brakes (has three outlets), part number 336016

14x6 Centerline wheels, vega bolt pattern (4in x 4 lug). Prefer polished but will take satin, need two of them.

Here are Monza/Starfire parts I need (updated frequently so keep checking):

75-76 Skyhawk/Starfire 231 odd-fire (3.8L) Air Cleaner

76-80 Monza Instrument Cluster Firethorn Red A/C or non-A/C (wood grain version) in very good or better condition

Pulse wiper controller, GM 471725 or 46124059 (don't need the switch)

76-80 Monza Dash pad Firethorn A/C in very good or better condition (other colors will be considered)

75 Monza/Skyhawk/Starfire black center console in very good or better condition

75-76 Starfire chrome trim around grille openings (not sure exactly what this is, parts manual says decal, but it looks like trim to me).

Starfire deluxe steering wheel in black.

75-80 Starfire center caps in very good or better condition

Here are Vega parts for trade/sell. All are used, unless noted (updated frequently so keep checking):

74-77 Vega NOS Black front lower valance. The real deal, not fiberglass $350

Sunbird NOS front lower valance. Probably the only NOS one in existance. $400

Vega radiator fan shroud with heavy duty cooling, not cracks or breaks. $100

GT dash bezels. Both very nice. $60 each.

Engine bay wiring harness from a 73. $50.

Vega/Monza AM radios, tested and guaranteed to be functional. $20 each.

Fusebox wiring harness from a 73. $50.

Rear wiring harness from a 73. $50.

Engine bay wiring harness from a 76. $50.

71-73 Vega parking lights. $60

This is a set of pop out window seals for a hatchback. I also have the pop out glass, but have to dig it out and will post pictures. $200 for seals and glass.

Hatchback rear window trim. Not dinged up, but has scratches. $100 Holding for someone, but deal hasn't happened yet.

Front sway bar from 73 Vega GT. A little surface rust, but otherwise very solid. $40

Rear sway bar from 73 Vega GT. A little surface rust, but otherwise very solid. $40

71-73 Hatchback rear black panels. Top one is in good shape, the other two have issues. The middle one has a molten spot seen in the top right, the bottom one has a crack and a small piece missing in the left middle. I am thinking that the bottom one would work OK as the cracked part will be mostly covered by the front panel and seat. $30.

This is a ton of various interior pieces for all Vegas wagons, hatchbacks, and notchbacks. Some are rough, but some are really nice. There are some really hard to find early wagon trim as well. Let me know what you need. I have them marked so I know what they are for. I also have a couple tan seat backs and lower plastic covers for 73-77 deluxe bucket seats. They are rough, but could be clean up to look OK.

This is a set of GM seat belts out of a 72. They are in good working condition and there is no fraying/tearing of the fabric. $100

Just a lot of stuff, pedals, etc. price depends on what you need.

Glass of all sorts, Monza and Vega, price depends on what you need.

71-73 bumpers, depends on condition, super nice one $150.

Lots of brackets, pretty much all Vega stuff, price depends on what you need.

Vega spoiler/air dam, fiberglass $125.

A/C and vent parts. Price depends on what you need.

NOS left Monza fender $600.

Lots of trim, front window, rear window wagon/hatchback, price depends on what you want. Monza 10 hole wheels, set of four $250

Vega Hatchback Doors $50 each. The have some rot on the bottom, but they are better that a lot of them out there. Easy fix if you are a welder. I can repair them if you like, but I will charge $100 each for the repair. Very time consuming job to do it right.

71-73 rear kammback wagon hatch $120

71-73 header panel $80, 74-75 header panel $30, 74-75 grille $50

Panel wagon panels with mounting brackets and correct window gaskets. $300

Hatchback windshield with antenna, no tint (wagon windshield behind it has been sold). $150

Dobi Monza rear spoiler, brand new. Purchased it as I thought it was a direct replacement for the Monza spoiler, but is about an inch taller. Nice spoiler and I would use it by my goal was to look original. Want to get out of it what I paid for it. $250. .

Monza rear spoilers. Only have center sections. $100 each for nice ones $50 for wavy one. Negotiable.

Sidepipes. New, but a little rusty from sitting in the garage. Has extra parts. $150

Cosworth Vega engine. Complete with control unit, etc. It also have used replacement Cosworth pistons, crank, rods, head, intake and other misc parts. Engine and all parts $900. Possibly gone. Waiting for person to bring parts for trade.

A lot of Monza panels and misc parts, price depends on what you need.

And for the big stuff: Five Monza's. All of these are original V8 cars, three are Mirages. All have titles except the white 75 at the end. All have engines and transmissions except the white 75 and Mirage next to the red Mirage (but Mirage still has tranny). All are automatic cars, all are A/C cars except the red 75 on the end. They are all in various states of roughness, but they have potential. I am not interested in parting them out unless you really have something I need, but will consider anything. I have seen Mirages in simular condition go for about $2000 each, I am asking $6000 for all five of these cars. I don't think that is too bad of a deal. I will sell individually as well. I would really like to move these. I may be able to transport within reason or if I am going your way anyway.

Update: The red and white 75's closet and furthest in the bottom pic have been sold.

Here are Vega/Monza parts for trade/sell that currently don't have pics. All are used, unless noted (updated frequenly so keep checking):

71-73 Vega bumper filler panels. Good shape, have two. $15 each both for $25

TH-250 Vega transmissions with torque converter. Worked good when pulled. One only has 40,000 miles, another has 43,000 miles. I have three of them. $25 each, $60 for all of them.

I have a ton more stuff, to include glass, air conditioning units, rear axles (no posi), other interior, Vega doors and fenders, headlight buckets, bezels, Kammback rear hatches (for 71-73 and 74-77), black hard plastic door panels (solid and with wood grain). 71-73 GT grille. I will do my best to post pics when I can, if you don't see, please ask. I have 74-77 bumpers without impact strip in nice condition, I have 71-73 bumpers in various conditions. I have a lot of stock Vega wheels including GT style.

Update, New Items

I have just aquired a rusty 1980 Sundbird hatchback, and a very rusty 1980 Monza Spyder. They have a lot of good parts of them. There are a lot of good parts to include a windshield, so let me know what you want.